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Back Lion Rentals, LLC prides itself on supplying quality equipment for rental needs and with full customer satisfaction. Back Lion Rentals, LLC maintains high professional work standards and has lengthy experience in both entertainment and corporate environments. Every client and job is handled with care and our inventory is treated in the same fashion. Regular service maintenance is performed on all equipment and tested both before leaving and upon returning to our warehouse. 

Whether you are a musician, a production manager, or an event coordinator and if your event needs a simple guitar amp, or a full ensemble of drums, guitar and bass rigs, keyboards, percussion and more, Back Lion Rentals, LLC can fulfill your performance needs. Check out the always-evolving list of our top notch inventory to get a sense of  what we offer. If you don't see a specific model that you require, please contact us as we'll do our best to locate the right solution for you. For more information, send us an email at, or call us at 205-382-2550

Mason Wingo- General Manager

Steve Wingo- Sales

About Us

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